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Use Cases for Taxon

The following use cases were developed by the Biodiversity group.


As an user, I would like to search information about a taxon (typically a species) using several entry points:


As an user, whenever I look up a species name, I would like to see a summary (such as regular result page summary or similar to Google’s rich snippets) with information from different resources as well as links to them. This could basically include taxonomic information and scientific and vernacular names.

In time, with other Bioschemas terms being specified, this could be enriched with traits (average body size, life expectancy etc.), geographic distribution, etc.

To complement the summaries, as an user, I would like to get:


As a user, I would like to be able to gather structured information, for instance, to visualize a consolidated map of all occurrences of a species collected from multiple data sources.