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Shapeshifting LOD Cloud

A new version of the Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud has been produced and it shows quite a shift from the previous version. It is great to see the LOD cloud continue to grow both in scale and diversity.

(You can click on the image to get to an interactive version of the cloud with links to the DataHub entries.)

LOD Cloud January 2017

LOD Cloud January 2017

Previously DBPedia and GeoNames were the centre of the LOD universe. While DBPedia still remains an important linking dataset, it is now clear that there are clusterings within application domains. This is most significant in the life sciences.

LOD Cloud August 2014

LOD Cloud August 2014

Attribution: “Linking Open Data cloud diagram 2017, by Andrejs Abele, John P. McCrae, Paul Buitelaar, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak.”

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