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ISWC 2016 Deadlines Approaching

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ISWC 2016 will be taking place in Kobe, Japan from 17-21 October. Tomorrow is the deadline for abstract submissions for ISWC, with full papers due on 30 April. There are three tracks for you to submit to:

  1. The Research Track: innovative and groundbreaking work on the cross between semantics and the web.
  2. The Applications Track: benefits and challenges of applying semantic technologies. This track is accepting three different types of submissions on in-use applications, industry applications and industry applications.
  3. The Resources Track: reusable resources like datasets, ontologies, benchmarks and tools are crucial for many research disciplines and especially ours. Make sure you read the guidelines for describing a reusable resources.

To entice you to come to Kobe, Japan, there are three fantastic keynotes lined up:

  • Kathleen McKeown – Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University,
    Director of the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering, and Director of the North East Big Data Hub.
  • Hiroaki Kitano – CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratory and President of the systems biology institute. A truly inspirational figure who has done everything from RoboCup to systems biology. He was even an invited artist at MoMA.
  • Chris Bizer – Professor at the Univesity of Mannheim and Director of the Institute of Computer Science and Business Informatics there. If you’re in the Semantic Web community – you know the amazing work Chris has done. He really kicked the entire move toward Linked Data into high gear.

I am co-chairing the Resources Track with Marta Sabou. I hope to be able to welcome you to Kobe.

Thanks to Paul Groth as the text for this post is based on his post from a month ago.

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