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PAV Paper Highly Accessed

The PAV ontology paper (Ciccarese et al., 2013) is "highly accessed" at Journal of Biomedical Semantics within 6 months of publication.

The paper presents the Provenance, Authoring and Versioning ontology. It details the use cases it was designed to meet together with its alignment to PROV-O. The paper also discusses the applications that are already using the PAV ontology, which includes the Open PHACTS project Dataset Descriptions.

  1. PAV ontology: provenance, authoring and versioning
    Ciccarese, Paolo and Soiland-Reyes, Stian and Belhajjame, Khalid and Gray, Alasdair J. G. and Goble, Carole A. and Clark, Tim
    Journal of Biomedical Semantics, 4:37, 2013

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